Saturday, 24 July 2010

Everything the light touches, is our kingdom...

OK, so this post has absolutely nothing to do with the lion king. I lied and got all of your hopes up and I feel bad. I'm apologise profusely. But Mufasa was a dude. I feel his words of wisdom should permeate the thoughts of every single person on this beautifully diverse planet.

So nothing interesting really happened in my life today, other than anime and research into an automatic chicken coop door which led to me finding an example of a fully automated chicken coop in the MAKE magazine volume 22 made by Alan Graham (No idea who he is but I felt I should name drop to hand over all the rightfully deserved credit, because I, to be honest with you, have done nothing other than re-iterate what he has said). OK, so for a basic run through of the design: As a chicken leaves the coop he recieves an email from the a motion sensor system from his iPhone telling him how many have left and how many go back in etc. Then at night time i.e. after dark, when the chickens go back in, it counts how many have gone back in and shuts the door when they are all safe, turns on a heating pad if the temperature is below a certain level to keep them all feeling roasty toasty during their rightfully earned kip. If over night it gets too cold out in the yard, a heating pad around the water bowl or whatever it is chickens have, switches on to make sure their water doesn't freeze over for when they get thirsty. He has also programmed himself an iPhone app with a built in web-cam in the coop so that he can watch them do stuff if he wants and open and close the door and other exciting remote controlled things from wherever he happens to be at the time. Really interesting stuff but rather expensive (all the parts he gave a price for in the article adds up to $554) so not really all that practical for most people.

So that was basically my day, not much happened so I shall leave you with this picture and a little snippet of wisdom: "In extreme circumstances, the assailants can be stopped by removing the head or destroying the brain."

LOL (lots of love), Alex

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