Thursday, 1 April 2010

So much for keeping up to date...

So here I am again, a new year, a fresh new start again, only it is now April which kinda shows that this year, I am pretty much as organised as I was in the previous one. Except I have an iPhone now which seems to magically keep my memory in check! My laptop has died so I am entering into the exam revision period without any means as to viewing my lecture notes or doing anything computer based at all. (not that it has been useable over the past few months anyway) and the weather is awful, as per usual. When is this global warming phenomenon actually going to set in and give us some decent sunshine for a change?
But anyway, onto pictures, I have started to play about with film now (ooh! Branching away from the new fangled way of doing things! Old school!) but personally I find it a much more satisfying way to take photos, you get that proper onomatopoeic "click" when you press the shutter down and you are left with a mystery as to how your picture is going to turn out after processing! So much more fun! Anyway, here are a few examples of my work (if I can embed them on this phone of mine), developed by my father.

And my favourite one

Until next time