Wednesday, 22 September 2010

You know it's a good day when... of the first things that you see in the morning is your girlfriend groping buzz lightyears breastplate.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My bedroom so far!

Leaving to go back to Glasgow on Wednesday so I won't be working on the room for some time, here it is as it stands at the moment though.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Starry night

First night sky attempts, originally uploaded by alex012.

Here is my first attempts at photographing the stars in the night sky, I always wanted to be able to do this but only recently did I realise my dad had a tripod. Although you can see less stars in this one than the other one I have posted below, I think I prefer it because of the warm glow which is provided by the pollution from the street lights on the other sided of the house. I feel like this is the beginning of my long shutter speed experimentation starting.
First night sky attempts

Friday, 3 September 2010

I hate spiders...

window spider, originally uploaded by alex012.
There is a humongous spider outside the living room window so I felt that I should share it with the world...

Today, I are been mostly...

Slicing up bits of wood with a saw.

(title reference from The Fast Show)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

New camera

I recently discovered that I had money saved up in a savings account from past birthdays and Christmases and decided that I needed a D-SLR so I went ahead and researched into starting cameras and decided to purchase this one. So far I am rather happy with it! Here's a few shots from playing the last 2 or 3 days.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The new flat

So today, after a little mess, we finally got to sign the lease and move into the new flat. As promised here are photos of the interior. First up we have the kitchen:

Here is the living room. Pay extra attention to the sexy, retro fire place!

Ed's room

And my room

The hall

And finally the bathroom

Now to move everything in...

Monday, 23 August 2010

Wot I 'ave dun...

Ok, so it has been quite a while since I posted anything of any significance on here and I have therefore decided that I am going to tell you about a selection of the things that have been done by myself in the last couple of weeks. 
I have been back in Glasgow recently looking for a new flat to move into which has taken longer than I had anticipated, but I have managed to find one now, YAY! and myself and my flat mate are going to the letting agency tomorrow to sign the lease so I'm sure I'll post pictures of the interior at some point. For now, here is the outside of the flat. It's the one at the very top of the building.

Since being back I have also been walking a hell of a lot, mainly to satiate my thirst for adventure while simultaneously overcoming my pent up boredom which has been bought around by not having people in my immediate vicinity to talk to. Let me just point out now that none of the photos will be of a very good quality since I have been using my phone again and the film prints will be put up as and when they are developed, that is, if any of them are of a decent quality. First up, a photo of Buchanan Street after a fairly large downpour.

Despite all of the rain there have been many awesome sunsets too, and I use the word "awesome" in the true meaning of the word this time and not the modernised meaning which I feel I slightly over use. This one was seen walking up Great Western Road.

Curlers pub is currently in the process of changing it's name and decor to become known to all as "Curlers Rest". I'm guessing in an attempt to draw a larger number of patrons with a wider age range, but that is just speculation.

View from a crossroads outside the flat I am staying in, mainly because I looked out and in my head it looked to me that the traffic light was spewing out clouds. Which rather excited me at the time. Simple things.

This one is a shot of a tower up on Park Circus, I just happened to bend down to tie up a shoe lace here and the trees from this lower angle appeared to make a rather nice frame for the tower. I think I should start walking around with a large slouch now to see what the world looks like through the eyes of a shorter person.

A rather boring photo now, but I was crossing the road at one point, looked left and felt that the angle in which the road markings were moving away from me looked rather good. Though I did have to wait another 5 minutes to be able to cross the road after taking this. Worth it? I'm not so sure.

Lots of cats wandering around the quieter back streets of Glasgow too, this one reminded me of my old cat Frankenstein so I stopped to pet it a lot longer than I did most of the other cats I find. (I have a soft spot for cute animals)

And a view up kelvin way in the sun. Nothing more to be said really.

Since I have been down, my brother Josh was here for a couple of nights so we decided to meet up and he bought with him his lovely lady friend Eilidh, whom I was meeting for the very first time. We went for some food and few drinks. When I say a few drinks I actually mean I ended up getting rather drunk and climbing up a statue of Thomas Carlyle in Kelvingrove Park in the middle of the night. 
We went to a restaurant called Nanakusa which was really quite good(voted best oriental restaurant of 2010 good)! But I'm no critic so that is as far as I am going to go with the review before I embarrass myself. In the pictures we have sushi (obviously), a funny (yet tasty) Japanese biscuit thing of which the name of now escapes me, A large jug of sake which myself and Josh shared and a bottle of Kirin Ichiban beer.

Sitting outside of the restaurant was a rather awe inspiring quad bike which made me think of one solitary word, "WANT"

And walking to a cocktail bar I snapped this picture here, though I can't decide if I prefer it in colour or de-saturated...

A couple of photos of shops which were spotted by my keen eye, both have either a pun totally intended name, or just very fortunately named owners.

A picture that I decided to take of a fan on the bathroom window. Though the reason it was taken now escapes me...

And I have made a fair few things too, for example, I made a mango and peach smoothie (Apologies for the crotch-shot)

A fort...

And I also made mine and Máiréid's pokemon look god-damned awesome(in the modernised sense of the word) 

So until next time, I leave you with one final picture of a corgi and a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!!(Click if you don't know the reference)

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Sitting at the desk in my girlfriends room and I turned around to look outside and saw a beautiful sunset! Went to grab a camera and realised that they were both loaded with black and white film and my dad has my digital at this moment in time so I had to resort to the iPhone. Nowhere near as good as I was hoping for but with what was available to me it's the best I can offer! Sadly.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Glasgow in the rain.

It was pouring down earlier so I decided to go for a little walk around the city and get mildly drenched to the skin. A little lull in the weather allowed me to take my phone out and snap a few pictures for "stitching" together later. Lucky the rain stopped in such a good area! I love the way panoramic photos distort the reality of the world and put a new edge on places.

Friday, 6 August 2010


First sip of this my mind was blown. Insanely strong yet ruggedly beautiful. Also, you can probably tell by now the reasons I didn't choose Journalism or English language of any form as my choice of career path.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

American beer...

Has always, to me, tasted boring and bland. Until I tried this. I recommend it to all who enjoy a good brewski now and then!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Desk additions!

Today I started building the desk shelf, it's going to run along the whole length of the desk in the end but I didn't have enough 2x1 to finish the longer side. I also cut a couple of holes into the surface to allow for cables etc. As exciting as this must be for you all!