Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Inventions galore!


Ok, so, the last week or two should have been spent tid
ying up for my project and arranging everything in a nice orderly fashion so that I am able to return next summer and finish it off with a nice clear idea of where I left off the summer before. But I thought screw it, my brain was made to remember things, so I shall give it this one thing to remember. So yeah, project is still a mess (at the time of the initial edit) with 1.5 days of my placement left to go and I have taken to inventing and crafting.
My most proud invention ever has been realised in the last few days (albeit the fact that it is my first ever full working prototype invention) The genius that is the magna-mop.

(picture to follow when I have bandwidth to upload without making my brother go into a TROLLIN rage) It is basically a mop which is used to pick up magnetic materials from the floor, much like a hoover. But for metal. Perfect for mothers with children aspiring to work in a steel production factory. Ideal for picking those annoying nuts and bolts out of your shag pile carpet.

Here is a picture of one mother who is very proud of her magna-mop. "its very good. It has helped me remove those pesky pieces of computer casing and batteries from my carpet that my regular hoover just can't seem to pick up"

And now onto a more sensible (pronounced "geeky") subject. Pepakura. Think of origami. But a greatly sodomised twisted version of origami involving scissors, craft knives and glue. Yes. That bad. GLUE. And we haven't been making nice happy paper swans either. No no no. We have been making weaponry. OUT OF PAPER?!? To elaborate, we are making a select few weapons and
armour from the halo game series with the aim to re-enforce with some sort of resin mixture and eventually wear them and look AWESOME. or mildly /b/tarded, depending on how they turn out/you view them with your personal opinion of geeks and fake weaponry.

Here is myself modelling the ODST helm craftily put to gether by Marc. I am Boxxy you see!

anyway, pictures to be posted later when my bandwidth allowance increases above 5Kbps(stupidly small I know, but apparently, torrenting at 5Kbps causes warcraft to lag, EVEN THOUGH it has been given top network priority over EVERYTHING else. to me this says that WOW is a weak, powerless game that cant even fight for bandwidth when it has been given top bandwidth priority. Pathetic. Not dissing warcraft at all, the storyline is epic, but MMOs, not for me.)

Anyway, back to Glasgow on saturday so I should be able to update photos etc then. Till next time, I shall leave you with a riddle. "What is the weight of a fish if it weighs 10 lbs, plus half its weight?"
Think about it ;-)