Tuesday, 7 August 2012

United Statedom of New Sing Africaustranadaland

On a gaming community which I frequent I came across a little conversation about language localisations (Note the lack of "z" indicating British English) in a game. The question was about whether or not the English language was going to be localised for British English removing the annoying lack of the letter "u" from many words ("colour - color", "Vapor - Vapor") and the replacement of "s" with a "z" ("Localisation - Localization", "Realise - Realize"). The conversation deemed that this was not a necessary step for the developers to take as, even though people find it annoying, they still understand what is being said. The question then evolved into what the logo would be to choose this multi-national version of English as your language of choice. I proposed this: as the solution to that problem as it incorporated four of the main English speaking nations in the world:

United Statedom of Austranadaland

This was met with a large number of people agreeing that it would be a fantastic logo for the purpose of English language selection. There were however, a few disgruntled New Zealanders and Irish who were unhappy about the outcome of this flag. So I quickly made this change to it:

United Statedom of New Austranadaland

This seemed to appease the masses for a while. That was, until the South Africans and English speaking Singaporeans came online... I countered their arguments with this final edit to the logo:

United Statedom of New Sing Africaustranadaland.

It was there that my logo creation stopped. Mainly because I couldn't be bothered with it any more, but more that I realised I actually had a dissertation to write. I tell you all of this because I am actually quite proud of what I have achieved. I think, the first one at least, is quite a nice flag. I would be proud if the four nations incorporated were to join together as one large nation for the sole purpose of using this flag as their own. I can dream though can't I.

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