Friday, 7 August 2009

All work and no, Well, I guess I do play at work really.

So, A blog post eh? As the title suggests, I have been playing at work a little. For a start, one of my Comrades (pronounced colleagues) has been showing his poor time keeping abilities and love for the "man-flu" over the past few days so, as any engineer would do, I have decided to keep a log of all of his hours at work and at the end of the work placement, I will have a beautiful little graph with lots of nice colours showing him how much work he has missed and how much he should have actually earned against what he has actually earned. Because I am a nice person like that. If I weren't a nice person the graph would be in a nasty, angry monochromatic format.

Speaking of graphs, I have also decided to stage another experiment while here at work where I mash all of the buttons on a drinks vending machine to see which drink will appear at the magical little thirst quenching hole at the bottom of the machine. Each can that I recieve, will again be noted down and a final graph showing the probability of recieveing a certain can from a random mash of buttons will be shown.

Another little project of mine, which didn't actually take long to complete this morning, was to create a replica "Ben" as a sort of homage to the great ginger that he is. Anyone who doesn't know who he is I have kindly provided a photo of him.
There he is, in between myself and Martin looking all glorious and ginger. "But why make a homage to this jolly ginger fellow?" I hear you ask. Well, the story goes that he travelled to a small little area in the South West of England to study in a music performance course. After graduating with a first class, No word has been heard from him! Word of mouth says that he has been captured by bandits, but personally I believe he is roaming Dartmoor wearing nothing but a loin cloth and brandishing a large fire stick, scaring the public as they enjoy the views of the national park. But we can only hope. Anyway, here is a little picture of my replica Ben in all of its glory. My inspiration for this piece is based on his revolutionary and street artist years. Pretty good likeness dont you think?

And finally, the rest of my time at work is generally spent watching other people work, for example, Graeme plays with balloons all day

Which is much more fun to watch than "actually" working.
So, until next time, Ciao!

Oh, and for all those people who actually employ me, I do do work really! See!

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